Centro Rural Joven Vida (Cerujovi), Spain


Cerujovi is a non for profit organization which was born to give youth the opportunity to fight for equal rights and promote tolerance in a plural society, especially for those with fewer opportunities. ​It currently manages a women´ shelter in the city of Cáceres, working with victims of gender-based violence, giving them a chance to go ahead with their lives, in a safe place, through psychological support, healthy free time, workshops, job searching, etc.
The organization has a rich experience in intercultural programs and seminars, training in a plural culture and equal rights. Since their beginning, it has fight to give opportunities to youth. Since 2011, Cerujovi has implemented different projects to support women in different contexts, especially girls, by the creation of a group of youth, involved in different projects as the creation of a Newspaper, research, or workshops in high schools, University, and seminars, as a way to empower women and to fight gender based violence.
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Centre for Research and Action on Peace (KEDE), Greece


The Centre for Research and Action on Peace (KEDE) is a non-governmental organization in the legal form of an association. It was founded in 1988 and started activities immediately upon foundation; officially registered in 1999.  Its goals are to promote a culture of peace through the empowerment of youth, women, and civil society at large.  In particular, KEDE’s objectives are the prevention and peaceful resolution of conflict; the protection of women’s and girls' human rights, especially their rights to employment, education and health; the prevention and combating of trafficking in women and children; and the struggle against their exploitation, marginalization and social exclusion in general.
KEDE offers its expertise on intercultural education, peace education and nonviolent communication issues to teachers, pupils and University students in Greece and abroad. Its members are teacher trainers who have experience with intercultural education, produce relevant didactic materials and apply peace education and nonviolent communication programmes. KEDE has a long lasting cooperation with many women NGOs within Greece and abroad. 
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Youth First, Madagascar


Founded in 2011, Youth First is a Malagasy Youth Led organisation. Since 2015, it is implementing a leadership program for women from various constituencies ranging from young women aged 15-24, violence survivors, women victims of human trafficking. Youth First is also one of the most active youth led organisation in Madagascar and his expertise has been sought by various partners like the Ministry of Youth, UNFPA, Organisation International de Migration and represented Malagasy Youth voice at various fora both at national and international level.


YF is member of: the African Youth Panel, the ARASA (Aids and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa) and the Women Thrive Alliance. Youth First Young Women Leadership Program has been identified as one of the youth led initiatives that needs to be scaled up. It received recognition from the Ministry of Youth in 2015, was selected by IREX to be presented in South Africa during the YALI regional conference and was among the 5 winners of the World Bank contest on Youth Entrepreneurship.

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Legal Aid & Consultancy Center (LACC), Nepal


Established in 1987, LACC is a pioneer organization in the areas of providing free and legal aid and combating gender based violence in Nepal for promoting women's access to justice. The activities implemented by the organization strives to empower women thorough legal aid support and counselling. It has been regularly advocating to mitigate gender based violence and contributing in forging just and democratic society.
The organization has been actively involved in legislative drafting and advocacy for policy change and promoting women's role in peace building process. Further, it has been facilitating in the process to file the writ petition. It has also been actively involved in the process to rescue the survivors of gender based violence and bringing the perpetrators to book. The organization has been working in different districts representing five developmental regions of Nepal. Over the years, it has successfully handled donors funded project aimed at empowering women and gender based violence survivors.


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Centre for Health and Social Justice (CHSJ), India

Centre for Health and Social Justice (CHSJ) is a national civil society resource organisation  working on policy issues related to social justice perspective oriented governance and accountability primarily in the domains of  health justice and  gender justice. CHSJ focuses on networking, capacity building, research and evidence based advocacy as primary strategies in its work, which is grounded in 10 states on different themes. CHSJ seeks to strengthen governance and accountability in public health and gender justice   through technical support, research, and policy advocacy. It is registered as a Charitable Trust with headquarters in New Delhi and field interventions in more than 10 states of India.
CHSJ has pioneered the advocacy for engaging men within a gender equality framework for gender justice and accountability in India. CHSJ was the co-organiser for the One Billion Rising campaign and led several discussions and talks in Delhi and in other states on the role of men in the increasing violence against women.  CHSJ is the founder members of the MenEngage Global Alliance and is hosting the ‘second global symposium on men and boys’ in Delhi in November (10-14, 2014).
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Bangladesh Women´s Health Coalition (BWHC), Bangladesh

Since inception in 1980, the BWHC is the first organization in the country started working for establishing for Sexual and Reproductive Health Services and Rights for the deprived and underprivileged women and adolescents. With a vision to Equality of Women in a Just Civil Society, the BWHC empowers the marginalized women particularly, the young women and young people, it operates SRHR programs, gender sensitivity, women rights, against social stigmas etc. BWHC firmly believes that quality of women's live is enhanced by emphasizing and inclusive gender approach, community participation and working in integration and collaboration with government and other relevant organizations.
Based on more than three decades of experiences in this sector, the BWHC has effectively, established a ‘Community-based Treatment & Referral Model’ for particularly, treatment of Reproductive and Sexual Health Service, ANC, PNC, Immunization, Primary Health Care, Quality MR, PAC Care, VCT and HIV/AIDS, STI/RTI, Family Planning Methods and Community Based Prevention and Health Care Promotion for positive changes to health seeking behavior through Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) and Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA).
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An Action Guide
on the Prevention of Gender-based Violence Among Youth

An Action Guide
on the Prevention of Gender-based Violence Among Youth - NEPALI

Manual de formación para la prevención de violencia de género entre jóvenes

An Action Guide
on the Prevention of Gender-based Violence Among Youth - BANGLA

Un guide d’action pour la prévention de la Violence Basée sur le Genre chez les jeunes

Ένας Οδηγός Δράσης για την Πρόληψη της Έμφυλης Βίας Ανάμεσα στους Νέους

An Action Guide
on the Prevention of Gender-based Violence Among Youth - HINDI


A Good Practice Guide on Ending Gender-based Violence

A good practice guide on ending gender-based violence - NEPALI

Guía de Buenas Prácticas en Prevención de la Violencia de Género

A good practice guide on ending gender-based violence - BANGLA

Un guide de bonnes pratiques sur la lutte contre la violence basee sur le genre

Ενας οδηγος καλων πρακτικων για το τελος της εμφυλης βιας

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